Mission: The Department of Homeless Services and Housing (DHSH) will endeavor that homelessness in our community rare overall and brief when it occurs, and that clients are served with dignity, respect, and compassion. 

How we do the work: DHSH's mission is to bring together a collaborative team of county departments, social advocates, those with lived experience, businesses and community based organizations to focus on improving housing outcomes and reducing homelessness in Sacramento County.  DHSH finds the unique solutions to serve our community members experiencing homelessness, via a comprehensive offering of programs and services such as shelter, re-housing, behavioral health, physical health, and prevention and diversion.​ DHSH staff work on long term programs and ​solutions to homelessness, provide regular report outs to the Board of Supervisors (BOS), and engage with a variety of community stakeholders on solutions. 

​History: DHSH was created to coordinate the response of various County departments to provide services to those experiencing ​homelessness in Sacramento County, as well as mitigating the impacts of homelessness on the community.  

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